Workum Internship Summer 2020

Outreach Intern


The outreach intern will be responsible for creatively communicating the mission and programs of HHC to engage new audiences. Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Researching visitor engagement/feedback
  • Creating social media campaigns to maximize engagement
  • Developing lists for outreach purposes
  • Serving as an ambassador of HHC at events, fairs
  • Helping to plan initiatives that drive visitation to the museum
  • Thinking creatively encouraging new audiences to visit the museum
  • Direct outreach to groups about opportunities for partnership


*As part of the experience, the intern will get to participate in the week-long Roma and Sam Kaltman Holocaust Studies for Educators course.


Career Interests:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Museum


Recommended Skills:

Passion for Holocaust and Humanity education. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Self-starter and motivated.



This internship provides the opportunity to work in a meaningful, fast-paced environment.

About the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center (HHC)


The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center (HHC) exists to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust inspire action today. HHC educates about the Holocaust, remembers its victims and acts on its lessons. Through innovative programs and partnerships, HHC challenges injustice, inhumanity, and prejudice, and fosters understanding, inclusion and engaged citizenship. Established in 2000, HHC was originally formed by Holocaust survivors who made Cincinnati their home after the war. Moved by their shared experiences of loss and survival, they built an organization that would inform the community about the Holocaust and its lessons.

Located at the historic Union Terminal, HHC is a museum and an education and resource center that offers students, educators and community members in the tristate region exhibits, school materials, outreach programs, workshops and professional development for educators. HHC has an annual budget of around $1 million, eight staff members with advanced education and history degrees and ten part-time floor staff. HHC impacts over 100,000 individuals each year.